1. PolyRhythm & Jay Kutz Feat. JaQuita May - "This World"
    PolyRhythm, Jay Kutz, JaQuita May, Mr. V

  2. Amster-Tracks 2016 (Various Artists)
    Various Artists

  3. Mr. V - Somethin Wit Jazz (10 Year Anniversary Remixes) Part 1
    Mr. V, Mr.V

  4. SCM051. Joyfull Family - Warehouse EP.
    Joyfull Family

  5. SCM050. Nhlangano, Zulumafia, Mr. V & Miss Patty - "This Is House"
    Nhlangano, Zulumafia, Mr. V, Miss Patty

  6. SCM049. Marq Markuz & Alex Curly - "Cocaina"
    Marq Markuz, Alex Curly

  7. SCM048. Sted-E & Hybrid Heights, Norty Cotto Feat. Raul Sotto - "Ochun"

  8. SCM047. Sole Selections - Volume 1 (Various Artists)

  9. SCM046. Saliva Commandos Feat. Michelle Rivera - "Breaking These Chains" (Ezel Classic Remix)
    Michelle Rivera, Saliva Commandos

  10. SCM045. Miss Patty - Jam Session (Luther Sole Essential & KidzBlock Remixes)
    Miss Patty

  11. SCM044. Saliva Commandos Feat. Michelle Rivera - Breaking These Chains
    Saliva Commandos, Michelle Rivera

  12. SCM042. Hallex M, Djeff, Mr. V & Miss Patty - Let's Get It
    Hallex M, Djeff, Mr. V, Miss Patty

  13. SCM043. Hallex M, Djeff, Mr. V & Miss Patty - Let's Get It (The Remixes)
    Mr. V, Hallex M, Djeff, Miss Patty

  14. SCM041. Reelsoul Feat. Kaylow - Searching
    Reelsoul, Kaylow

  15. SCM040. Fabio Genito - Visions E.P.
    Fabio Genito

  16. SCM039. Mr. V Feat. Carlos Mena & Pablo Fierro - Fire La Chocha (The Remixes) Pack 1
    Mr. V, Pablo Fierro, Carlos Mena

  17. SCM038. Mr. V & Miss Patty - Feel Like Dancin
    Mr. V, Miss Patty

  18. SCM037. Mr. V - H.O.U.S.E (2012 Remixes)
    Mr. V

  19. SCM036. A. Salih - Better Days
    A. Salih

  20. SCM035. Mr. V Feat. Carlos Mena & Pablo Fierro - Fire La Chocha
    Mr. V, Pablo Fierro, Carlos Mena

  21. SCM034. Chris Minus - Drained Delays E.P.
    Chris Minus, Christian Neilsen

  22. SCM033. Miss Patty - The Intro (Full Length Album)
    Miss Patty

  23. SCM032. B.A.M & Reelsoul - Wake Up
    B.A.M, Reelsoul

  24. SCM031. Stephanie Cooke - Feels So Good
    Stephanie Cooke

  25. SCM030. Miss Patty - Nobody Else
    Miss Patty

  26. SCM029. Reelsoul - Spend My Life

  27. SCM027. DeepCity Soul Feat. Rainy Payne - Remember Me
    Deepcity Soul, Rainy Payne

  28. SCM025. DJN Project & Nef Nunez Feat. Joell Ortiz - Be With Me
    DJN Project, Nef Nunez, Joell Ortiz

  29. SCM024. Distant People Feat. Chappell - Just Do It
    Distant People, Chappelle

  30. SCM023. Dasoul & Fabry Diglio Feat. Nadine Navarre - Direction
    Dasoul, Fabry Diglio, Nadine Navarre

  31. SCM021. N'dinga Gaba Feat. Scotty P. - Queen (The Remixes)
    N'dinga Gaba, Scotty P.

  32. SCM020. Kaje Feat. Sacha Williamson - Butterflies
    Kaje, Sacha Williamson

  33. SCM019. N'dinga Gaba - B'More Perspective E.P.
    N'dinga Gaba

  34. SCM018. Mr. V - Tales From The Deepside 2
    Mr. V

  35. SCM017. Reelsoul - The Urban SOLE E.P. Vol. 2

  36. SCM016. Mr. V - Tales From The Deepside
    Mr. V

  37. SCM015. Miss Patty - Get To Know You
    Miss Patty

  38. SCM014. Alix Alvarez & Mr. V - "Move"
    Alix Alvarez, Mr. V

  39. SCM013. Reelsoul - The Urban SOLE E.P.

  40. SCM012. N'dinga Gaba Feat. Scotty P. - "Queen"
    N'dinga Gaba, Scotty P.

  41. SCM011. Miss Patty - You Don't Want It
    Miss Patty

  42. SCM010. Dragonfly - All the Way

  43. SCM008. Mr. V - The Beat Bodega E.P.
    Mr. V

  44. SCM007. Miss Patty - Get Over It
    Miss Patty

  45. SCM005. Miss Patty - You Ain't Treating Me Right
    Miss Patty

  46. SCM003. Mr. V - The Dance Ritual Project
    Mr. V

  47. SCM001. The SOLE channel E.P.
    Mr. V


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